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Excess Liability Insurance

Added protection for when you need it most.

Excess liability insurance to protect you and your family.

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Excess liability is the best way to take your protection to the next level. It kicks in to pay any remaining costs once your original insurance policy has reached its coverage limit.

More coverage means more protection.

Insurance is all about peace of mind, and excess liability coverage takes it to the next level. It works alongside your main insurance policy, most commonly one that covers costs you’d have to pay somebody else rather than your own costs.

How does your excess liability policy work?

An excess liability policy only pays out if and when your main policy has paid out in full and has reached your coverage limit. The excess policy then kicks in to pay any remaining costs. This means an excess liability policy is less likely to pay out than a standard policy, in turn meaning the premium costs are comparatively lower.

The difference between excess liability and umbrella insurance.

The term “excess liability” is often interchanged with “umbrella” and the distinction between the two can be a bit blurry. Personal excess policies typically only go over one policy, such as your homeowners liability coverage. While umbrellas will go over multiple policies such as your home, boat, and auto. We typically write excess liability policies for homeowners that have policies with Citizens Property Insurance due to their lower maximum liability limit of $100,000.

To find out more about how excess liability insurance gives you that extra reassurance, contact us today.

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