Umbrella liability insurance provides additional liability coverage in excess of your Homeowners’ Personal Liability, Auto Liability, Boat Liability, and other liability policies. When your under-lying policy limits are exhausted, this is where the Umbrella policy kicks in. It’s there to help protect you from large liability claims and lawsuits, in order to protect your assets and future.

Umbrella policies also provide drop-down coverage for claims that might be excluded on other liability policies you have, such as false arrest, libel, & slander. To identify places where your Umbrella policy might “drop down” it is important to review the different Umbrella policies available with your agent.

Do I need it?
Let’s face it: we live in a litigious society where large lawsuits are all too frequent. If you are older, a large lawsuit could take away the earnings you’ve worked so hard to obtain. If you are younger, a claimant could sue for the right to your future wages. Basically anybody that owns property or vehicles has a need for Umbrella coverage.

Can I afford it?
The short answer is yes. Depending on the number of property & vehicles you own and your past claims history, premiums can be as low as $20-30/month. Most of our Auto carriers offer Umbrella policies, and we have some other markets that offer stand-alone coverage as well.

In Summary
Umbrella policies provide liability coverage for claims that exceed your underlying policy limits. For a relatively low premium you can protect your family, assets, and provide peace of mind.

What to Ask Our Agents

  • Does my Auto or Home insurer offer Umbrella coverage?
  • Can I protect my rental properties as well?
  • What is the total number of owned properties allowed?
  • How can an auto accident affect pricing?
  • What type of underlying limits do I need?
  • Will a deductible or retention apply?

Why You Need It

  • Large lawsuits
  • You have assets
  • You have future assets
  • Your Homeowners limits are not high enough
  • Your Auto limits are not high enough
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